1. Untitled 2014

    Fabricated / carved steel
    13” tall

  2. Sprocket Skull

    Fabricated / carved steel, found objects

  3. My first set of fire place tools, made them about 21 years ago…

  4. Flying Cross Peen of Death

    Fabricated and carved steel

    Approximately 4” tall

  5. My ugly tool entry. I don’t use this wrench anymore, it only has one tooth and is so tired of just eating nuts….

  6. My wife has an ongoing side project which involves creating photos using Walking Dead funko pop figures.
    Sometimes she digs up stuff in the shop to use in the shot.
    Check out her page, some cool art!

  7. So stoked, this great skull arrived today courtesy of http://dillonsculpture.tumblr.com/
    Check him out- his work and shop are top notch! Thanks Mr. Dillon!

  8. More furniture projects coming down the line. Picked up some reclaimed hemlock at Keystone Vintage Lumber in Lebanon, PA. I’m gonna cry when I have to cut those 5/4 x 18” x 18’ boards down.

  9. Alliance Console Table

    Finished project. I made the company logo out of a piece of old pine encased in a “box” of 1/8” steel plate. The 25 carved into the angle supporting the wood top commemorates the companies anniversary. All the steel is blackened with  Sculpt Nouveau’s Magic Black and sealed with their clear guard. All wood parts were brushed, sanded just enough to eliminate splinters while maintaining the character of the wood, then two coats of wax hand buffed.

    The company specializes in roof and exterior wall systems so i wanted to create a table that referenced architecture as well as old machinery.

  10. Alliance Console Table Build

    I was commissioned to build a table to commemorate the 25th anniversary of a local business in Baltimore. The pictures start with my concept drawing through fabrication of the table. The dimensions are 5’ wide, 32”high, 18” deep. The base is fabricated from 2”x4” rectangular tube, 2”x2” t-bar,1/2” round bar, 1” angle, 1/2” plate. The top is 100 year old lumber from my neighbors house, cleaned, lightly sanded, and waxed. I have a 40 ton Arcan press that came in very handy in the leg fabrication. Finished project in next post.

  11. When the cold, short days of winter start to wear on me, I find it enjoyable to think back on the past summer. Days with heat indexes 100+ degrees where you can catch your shirt on fire and feel no difference.

  12. Final post of the Kustom Steel shop build. First floor metal shop, second floor wood shop and office. I only dumped one pickup truck of junk from the whole tear down/rebuild. The old building was 90% recycled into the new one. The raw wood banding in the middle of the wall in the first photos is the old roof sheathing. Old 2 x 4’s and more of the sheathing planks were upcycled to build the stairwell wall/storage in the wood shop.

  13. Kustom Steel shop build- 2nd floor

    The first floor houses my metal shop, the second floor is the woodshop and office.

    The exterior finishes are hardi panel for the first floor siding, metal roofing and ipe on the second floor. The long triangle shaped window running along the top of the second floor is 2 layers of twin wall polycarbonate.

    The double doors on both floors are fabricated steel with polycarbonate windows.

  14. Kustom Steel shop build- 1st floor

     This is my biggest sculpture to date. I had outgrown my poor little two car garage so decided to level it and start fresh. My wife and I spent about a year designing and drawing the new building. Aside from hiring a mason to help put in the foundation, an electrician, and friends brought in at a few crucial points- this was a solo build by my wife and me over a 2 year period.

  15. Wall sculpture
    Fabricated steel
    18” x 16.5” x 2.5”