1. Office partition wall

    Various sizes square and rectangular steel tubing, laser cut “gears”, reclaimed lumber

    Final project in a suite of furniture I was commissioned to build for a new office space. The gears are artwork from the companies logo that I had laser cut in 11 gauge steel and gave them a distressed paint treatment.

  2. Happy shark week!

  3. Parts

  4. This is a pair of light fixtures that I made for the area underneath the Kustom Steel wood shop / office. I helped a buddy dismantle a grain bin he bought on craigslist, and there was a chute inside it comprised of two 3’ long x 8” diameter punched, galvanized tubes. The idea for them as lamp shades instantly popped into my mind and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I apologize for my poor photography, they really kick ass at night!

  5. Zissimos Bar signage

    Aluminum 148”x26”

    Lamps supplied by customer. Birchwood Casey aluminum patina and wax finish

  6. Some aluminum parts I fabricated for the current job in the shop.

  7. Sections of fence I just completed in our backyard.

    Ipe, square tube, angle iron and goat fence

    Designed by asaar70.tumblr.com

    As cute as the neighbors little baby is, she’s gotta stay in her yard.

  8. Storage cabinet
    Steel and reclaimed lumber
    Adjustable interior shelving and openings in the back and side for access to electrical outlets
    6’6” tall x 52” wide x 32” deep

  9. Lost a good friend and talented photographer on Saturday. Sam Holden was a standout in the Baltimore art scene, and did everything 110%.

    This is a shot of me in my shop back in 2005. Sam was doing things with lighting and darkroom processes way before apps on phones.

    Check out his website, http://samholdenphotography.com/home.html

    A visionary artist gone way too soon.

  10. Untitled 2014

    Fabricated / carved steel
    13” tall

  11. Sprocket Skull

    Fabricated / carved steel, found objects

  12. My first set of fire place tools, made them about 21 years ago…

  13. Flying Cross Peen of Death

    Fabricated and carved steel

    Approximately 4” tall

  14. My ugly tool entry. I don’t use this wrench anymore, it only has one tooth and is so tired of just eating nuts….

  15. My wife has an ongoing side project which involves creating photos using Walking Dead funko pop figures.
    Sometimes she digs up stuff in the shop to use in the shot.
    Check out her page, some cool art!